OASIS SACCO is a Truly thriving Financial Partner to its members and to the Country in General. Here, the members comes first. Our Uniqueness lies in our foundations. We are formed by and for the Business Community. Indeed, since 2007 when we commenced operations, we have witnessed wonderful transformations in the lives and businesses of our members. Such is our joy when we see you grow! We celebrate our members who have made us who we are. For those still looking for innovative financial solutions that would steer their business fortunes to heights unknown, we are always willing to listen. Such is our warmth in welcoming you on board. We invite you to join us. Let us help you be the next success story! We continue to improve the welfare of our members through innovative financial solutions and offering assorted business support services. Our rallying policy and objective remains to be an all-inclusive financial provider, offering affordable credit facilities while motivating our members to save for a better future. And you know, we always keep our Word! Talk to us today and experience a difference!

These are our services..