We also loan members of a professionally-run group.

The amount depends on the individual member’s savings, group regulations, and his/her ability to repay.

Purpose of the loan

To help the member expand their businesses or undertake other investments (SACCO Approved)

Features of this loan:

  • Free financial skills training offered.
  • Flexible weekly contribution and loan
  • Affordable interest rate.
  • Flexible repayment period.
  • Members must have saved at least 25% of the loan amount they wish to access.


  • Individuals must be in a group.
  • Group must be registered or planning to register with the department of social
  • A group should consist of not less than 5 individuals actively involved in a legal
  • Individuals within the group shall be registered members of the SACCO.
  • The group shall have a group account with OASIC SACCO.

How to apply

Please submit a duly completed application form through your credit officer



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